Guard your app content from screenshot and recording is not an easy one so far in iOS, this workaround would help us for time being until we get an official API from apple.

securing your app content from screenshot and recording in iOS

Let’s assume that you as an iOS developer are working on an application where we have some secure/sensitive contents like mobile number/bank details, etc. One of the security concern is that view/view controller will be captured when someone press(home+lock button in old iPhones, volume up + lock button in newer…

As Apple introduced new Swift Concurrency program from Swift 5.5, Task group in Swift is an another gem in the diamond ring. A Task Group is a collection of concurrent tasks which runs asynchronously and returns the same type of result.

Task Group in Swift — Handling multiple tasks in Swift

If you are an iOS developer for quite long time, to handle multiple async tasks, you have been using DispatchQueue and DispatchGroup so far. Task Group in Swift introduced by Apple as part of latest Swift Concurrency concept, makes our life easier for this kind of use cases.

In this…

Very first day of the week after a weekend is really pathetic and need to push the pedal hard to get back to the rhythm of the work.

how to be active on Monday morning

Normally i start writing technical blogs, but when i start today Monday Morning, I don’t feel like writing a good technical content, Lazy morning i believe so.

Lazy Monday, I think everyone would feel the same or 99% people if my assumption is correct. …

Async/Await in Swift is the most interesting addition in Swift 5.5, with this addition our concurrency programming in Swift is getting improved a lot. In this article, let’s see how concurrency programming is without using async await and with using async await in Swift in this article. I promise, you will be amazed yourself after understanding Swift’s async await.

This is not a new concept in programming world, many programming languages like java script and others has this async await programming pattern already. Let’s begin to see, how it helps Swift developer’s concurrency programming.

To understand the concept, we can take a use case where we are getting the…

@available and #available are very useful to handle on multiple platforms or to add proper depreciation error and warning in frameworks.

add deprecation warning or error in swift

We often need to run the set of code for particular iOS version or platform, some use cases like handling the tab bar or navigation bar’s tint Color, when certain iOS release arrives in the market. Here in this article, let’s see, how we can use Swift’s #available and @available…

DispatchQueue.main.async will no longer be required to update UI elements in Main Thread. Latest Swift’s @MainActor will replace that and make our coding easier and easy to understand.

@MainActor in Swift is an interesting addition in Swift 5.5. I would suggest reading my article Actor in Swift, if you are not familiar with Actor in Swift yet. Because understanding the Actor will make you understand @MainActor better. In short, Swift concurrency programming is taken to next level by…


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